Training events

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1st SMART Summer School

The 1st SMART Summer School, organised by CVBF in collaboration with its Third Parties, the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” and the ‘Gianni Benzi’ Pharmacological Research Foundation, has been held in Bari on the 19th – 23rd of September 2016.
The Open Day meeting, launching the Summer School event, has been held at University Hospital “Policlinico di Bari and organised in collaboration with the School of Medicine of the University of Bari. The meeting took advantage from the participation of international organisations and Institutions, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, health professionals and local authorities that provided specific expertise and different points of view on the issues of interest.
Each day of the Summer School event has been dedicated to the specific topics of the SMART training programme, namely Modelling and Simulation, Extrapolation, Paediatric Clinical Trials and Paediatric Formulations.
The last day of the Summer School has been organised at the headquarters of Farmalabor, an Apulian company founded in 2001. During this last day, IPCZD trainees had the possibility to make practical exercises in the Farmalabor laboratories.
This event also represented the occasion to discuss the training projects to be developed by IPCZD trainees during the whole duration of the educational programme.

2nd SMART Summer School

The 2nd Summer School will provide deeper knowledge on the SMART themes being focused on the discussion of the preliminary findings from the case–studies assigned to each trainee and developed during the staff exchange and at home.

Staff exchange programme

The staff-exchange programme represents an essential aspect and a key component of the SMART project as it will promote cross-interactions among disciplines and institutions. During these exchange periods, the staff of the coordinator will have the opportunity to be trained ‘on the job’ in the specific field they are most interested in. The exchange will also represent for hosting institutions a relevant opportunity for fostering their capacity to involve other people in research and to create links with them.
There will be two staff exchange periods, one starting in October 2016 and the other one starting in October 2017. These activities will be performed in UK at the University College London (UCL) and in Italy at CVBF and University of Bari (CVBF Third Party), following the end of each summer school. IPCZD staff will be involved according to their preference and current duties.

Final Open Workshop

The final Open workshop, to be held in December 2018, will be organised with the participation of the IPCZD staff as well as of other interested people in the research field (public bodies, companies, regulators, etc.) including young scientists to be involved in future research.
The workshop will be aimed at disseminating the results of the project and creating awareness on the reached achievement. Furthermore, it will be aimed at presenting the results of the training projects assigned to each trainee and prepared during the whole duration of the training activities.