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The SMART Project is aimed to raise the Children’s Memorial Health Institute (IPCZD, Warsaw) staff’s research profile and increase capacity in providing innovative paediatric research methods such as PK-PD data Modelling&Simulation (M&S) data extrapolation, and suitable dosage forms identification.
To improve the level of high-quality paediatric research in Poland, it was proposed a composite training programme addressing staff from IPCZD and including lessons (e-learning and face-to-face), staff exchanges and summer schools.
Three internationally-leading research institutions, CVBF in Italy, UCL in the United Kingdom and AMU in France will contribute to the training program by providing specific expertise in paediatric clinical trial government and developing, M&S and Extrapolation applications, new formulation generation. All these institutions have a solid experience and previous participation in large paediatric research Networks and Consortia. IPCZD is a large tertiary paediatric hospital, having a strong interest in paediatric research.
As IPCZD staff will enhance its know-how on paediatric trials and drug development, the institution is expected to be candidate to assume a leading role in the paediatric research European framework, and to become even more attractive for private-public collaborations.